Leaving Rock Harbor is a love story that takes place in a New England Mill town in the early twentieth century. Frankie, our narrator, is the fourteen year old daughter of a mill worker whose family moves to Rock Harbor in the wake of her father's attempted suicide, in an attempt to start over in one of the "Boom towns" of the textile industry in Massachusetts, 1914.  As the story unfolds, a bittersweet love triangle evolves between Frankie and the man she eventually marries, Winslow Curtis, who is the son of a powerful state politician and mill owner, and his best friend, Joe, a Portuguese worker who becomes a union organizer.  Frankie falls in in love with both of these charismatic young men.  Frankie's personal history is told against the backdrop of the fall of the textile industry in New England, and is anchored in the issues of class and labor that define the time and place of this novel.  Frankie's journey to adulthood parallels the evolution of the mill town itself, and the lost promise of a Boom Town that everyone thought would last forever.

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"Capture the Flag maps disenchantment.  Its characters negotiate terrain mined with secrets; withheld sorrow and anger, hidden histories." -- New York Times Sunday Book Review

"Chace's writing resembles a generation of New York Writers heavily influenced by John Updike: Rick Moody, A.M. Holmes, Susan Minot and, more recently, Melissa Bank and Julia Slavin."  -- The Los Angeles TImes Book Review

"Adolescence forms a shaky bridge between childhood and the adult world in this tender coming-of-age novel, though Annie Edward's chaotic journey is more perilous than usual…This is Chace's debut novel, after a successful memoir (Chautauqua Summer) and a play (Colette), and despite a slow pace at first, it swells with the openhearted fearlessness and perpetual confusion of adolescence, piercing nostalgic moments with the earthy, sorrowful taste of a young girl learning, the hard way, about love and family." -- Publishers Weekly

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"An amusing, intimate account of a season with the Flying Karamazov Brothers on their annual vaudeville circuit." -- The New York Times Book Review

"Chace presents a freewheeling and witty description of her transformation from New York acting student to vagabond trapeze artist."  -- The Seattle Times

"Ms. Chace describes the fear, the thrill, the catharsis of a fine performance, without self-aggrandizement or the use of cheap tricks.  She achieves this through deceptively simple description, in the voice of a professional.  Here, for instance, she looks back on her first performance:  "I rushed some of the moments, not allowing the audience enough time to applaud.  You have to stop very clearly in the circus and acknowledge them in order to give them permission to acknowledge you.  Later, I learned to lengthen and enjoy these moments." -- The New York Times Book Review 

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